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Common Stinging Pests in the U.A.E.

Arabian Paper Wasp
Latin Name – Delta Campaniforme.
Arabian Paper Wasps can be identified by the characteristic three black spots on the head. Large compound darker yellow eyes.
LENGTH: Reaches up to 25mm in size.
COLOR: Antennae are yellow, rather long.
WINGS: Wings are clear with a yellow color.


Do they sting?

Unlike Yellow Jackets and hornets, which can be very aggressive, Arabian Paper wasps will generally only attack if they themselves or their nest are threatened. Since their territoriality can lead to attacks on people, and because their stings are quite painful

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Wasps and Hornets



Wasps and Hornets are carnivores with constricted waists and little to no hair, appear smooth and shiny with a much more radiant yellow color. They feed on meat scraps, other insects, and spiders. Yellow Jackets, Paper Wasps, and Hornets are all Social wasp species that live in colonies. They make paper nests located in the ground, in a void, or hanging from a tree branch, depending on the species. There are several Solitary wasp species as well, like Cicada Killers, Potter Wasps, and Dirt Daubers to name a few.


There are

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